The "B.I.I." Ltd. provides complete range of construction services, starting with simple cosmetic repair, up to complete cycle of construction, including project documentation development.

We have adopted individual approach, which provides an opportunity for long-term relationship. Use an opportunity to get your special offer - we will examine the object and will provide an estimate.

Our company has a great experience in cooperation with different types of clients. Among our clients there are private persons, companies, as well as governmental sector. Our company has a great experience in signing tripartite treaty between the apparment owners and municipal house maintenance providers.

Our company is able to complete the project of any complexity. Also, the "B.I.I." specialists can follow the completion of your project and help to complete all the project documentation.

The "B.I.I." Ltd. specialists now develop the real estate management and maintenance services. If you want to get a beneficial offer for your house's management and/or maintenance, please contact us.

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The "B.I.I." Ltd. main activities are:

General construction:

- earthwork;
- concrete works;
- massonry;
- roof construction;
- application of waterproof materials;
- preparation of project documentation;
- control and supervision of construction

Insulation works:
- insulation of basement, front of the
  building, attic and roof;
- installation of windproof isolation;
- decorative plastering;
- installation of decorative elements.

Repair and renovation works:
- repair of supporting structures;
- repair of roofs;
- repair of balconies;
- foundation waterproofing (inside and
- exterior and interior decoration.


- installation of heat, ventilation and air
  conditioning systems (HVAC)
- installation of heat radiators;
- water supply and sewage system
- preparation of heat radiator change
- water meter change;
- plumbing and electrical works.

Other services:
- landscaping;
- road repair works (asphalt and concrete stones);
- house cleaning (incl. cleaning after repair works);
- multi appartment houses maintenance and management, etc.

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